The creators behind our furnitures are some of the most creative people we could find around the world. Passionate individuals, ready too explore interior design, product design and architecture, not only for beauty or aesthetics but also for addressing different aspects of everyday life, bringing different views on design from all around the world.


Our inhouse designer Christina Aagaard studied at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus Denmark and graduated in 2012.

Her expression displays a fondness of traditional modernist principles – honest materials, solid construction, utility, beauty without elaboration – alongside a mix of different materials, spanning from high pressure laminate to warm and natural materials, believing that nature and a touch of Nordic breeze is a key part of better living.


Internationally known designer Hans Thyge is acknowledged for his simple elegance and modern functionality. After attending Denmarks Design Acadamy Hans Thyge lived and worked freelance at the Studio George Sowden in Milan. In 1991 he opened his own office.

Hans Thyge & co work within the philosophy of strength in simplicity. A look that speaks to quiet luxury. Great ideas arise in the cross field between story and function. What story should this product tell and which functions should it meet.


Jesper Ruban graduated from the Aarhus School of Architecture in Aarhus Denmark in 2012. His interpretation of design is deeply rooted in the Danish modernist furniture design and architecture tradition.

He is inspired by the simplicity, honesty, aesthetics and clear lines displayed during the modernist period. Furniture design is a delicate balance between functionality, quality, and aesthetics. The furniture industry is fast moving, making it essential to keep ones finger on the pulse. Jesper’s designs reflect current and upcoming trends while also showing innovative and lasting designs.


The designer couple Valerie & Lionel Brient form the team Designteam 2.

Their design philosophy is uniquely their own and full of personal expression. They create practical and stylish furniture for everyday life. Their line is in the zeitgeist and their pieces fit most contemporary homes.


Mathias graduated as an architect from Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark in 2012. His strong eye focuses on the functionality of the product, the quality of the material, and on the lightness of the form.

Mathias understands both comfort and aesthetics which are reflected in his designs. With his combination of Nordic minimalism and functional traditions, he designs products which are both current and up-and-coming. He approaches every new project with a playful determination while being honest to the material he works with.

365° NORTH

365° North is an Aarhus based design studio, consisting of Mette Rosendal, Henrik Pedersen and Jan Thøgersen. All three designers graduated from the TEKO design school in Herning, Denmark.

An important aspect of their work is keeping up with market trends. Travelling, exploring and being inspired by the moment are essential means to being able to see beyond tomorrow.

The core focus of 365° North is lifestyle-based design, ranging from furniture and lighting to projects for clothing and food packaging companies. The design solutions adopt an international approach as the clients in the 365° North portfolio span worldwide.